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Unleashing the Parts
by Tricia Jey

Unleashing the Parts is a memoir by a woman whose life never seemed quite right to her, from early childhood on. Her narrative shifts back and forth in time, somehow conveying, all at once, the voices of the small child, the troubled adolescent, the recovered addict, the fierce mother of two—the “parts” the author has struggled to release.

This is a deeply troubling book, revealing things about dysfunctional families and small-town life that are usually covered up, glossed over, or denied. It’s not comfortable reading. The author tells of childhood incest, gang rapes, alcohol and drug abuse, and more. Though her body survived, her spirit was damaged almost beyond any hope of recovery.

Did she recover, live happily ever after? She says no, or at least not yet, but she is working on it. Faith helps, her therapist helps, and—most of all—her husband and children help.

Perhaps, as the author hopes, writing and publishing this book will go a long way toward fully unleashing her parts and setting her free.

Title: Unleashing the Parts
Author: Tricia Jey
ISBN13: 978-0-9799592-4-0
Binding: Perfect-bound trade paperback
Pages: 102
Retail price: $9.95

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