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Jones of Old Lincoln
A Biographical Novel
by Doak Maddox Mansfield

A chronicle of mysteries and memories, Jones of Old Lincoln is based on serious history, overlaid with plausible imagining evoked by troublesome clues the author discovers about the heretofore unknown Jones and his possible adultery, participatory sexual exploitation, and closet homosexuality.

Quite prominent in his own time, George Washington Jones (1806–84) is today a footnote in a few history books. Jones of Old Lincoln is the first work devoted to Jones’ life and times. It is at once a ghost story, biographical narrative, mystery tale, love story, spiritual manifesto, and political analysis, and even an autobiography of sorts.

The tale begins with the author’s pre-dawn encounter with the ghost of Jones at a picturesque, old-fashioned pool hall in the Courthouse Square of Fayetteville, Tennessee. The author and ghost journey together through the major public and private events of Jones’life in the troubled second half of the nineteenth century.

Who was George Washington Jones? What was he? Who were his loves? What were his beliefs, betrayals, and contributions? Jones of Old Lincoln contends bluntly with personal and social issues that still shape our life and culture: moral choices, race, sexuality, values, complicity, love’s dimensions, assumptions, and the spiritual contours of good and evil, being and relatedness.

Jones was the principal speaker at the dedication of friend Andrew Johnson’s monument-tombstone at Greeneville, Tennessee, in 1878 and his ‘Oration’ is included in the book. A contemporary (1888) biographical sketch of ‘George W. Jones of Fayetteville’ is also provided in the book.

Title: Jones of Old Lincoln
Subtitle: A Biographical Novel
Author: Doak Maddox Mansfield
ISBN: 0-9774906-3-7
BISAC: BIO006520 / Biography & Autobiography-Historical - U.S.
Binding: Perfect-bound trade paperback
Pages: 216
Retail price: $14.95

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