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Tales of the Circle P
by Michael J. Keyser

Tales of the Circle P, a sprawling novel of the American west in mid-twentieth century, encompasses ranch life, cattle, buffalo, airplanes, nature, fishing, religion, high finance, romance, marriage, and politics, with a steam locomotive thrown in for good measure.

Narrator Mike Lambert and his partner Russ Pine transform the Circle P ranch from a modest beginning to a conglomerate empire, with both retail and wholesale outlets, a newspaper, a trucking line, and a small fleet of corporate airplanes.

Along the way, the novelís main characters find time for children, community service, adventures in nature, grand parties, flight lessons, and an unsuccessful run for governor by Russ Pine.

Author Michael J. Keyser has crafted a rich tapestry of an almost ideal way of life. There is little darkness in this book, and much light..

Title: Tales of the Circle P
Author: Michael J. Keyser
ISBN13: 978-0-9799592-9-5
Binding: Perfect-bound trade paperback
Pages: 314
Retail price: $16.95

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