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The Diagnostics of Karma
Book 1: Bioenergetic Feedback
by Sergei N. Lazarev

Each of the twelve volumes of The Diagnostics of Karma, by S.N. Lazarev, has sold tens of millions of copies in Russian. Only the first volume was ever translated into English. That translation was printed once in St. Petersburg, Russia, in a limited edition of a few thousand copies. There is some mystery about what happened to that print run—shipped to New York at the author’s expense. Copies of the translated book were never available to the general public in the West.

Now, for the first time, those who have an interest in Lazarev’s work, but no knowledge of Russian language, can read Book 1 of The Diagnostics of Karma in English (available only as a PDF eBook, with the original cover design by Olga Zalogina).

Title: The Diagnostics of Karma
Subtitle: Book 1: Bioenergetic Feedback
Author: Sergei N. Lazarev
ISBN13: 978-0-9799592-5-7
Binding: eBook (PDF format)
Pages: 164
Retail price: $12.95

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