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An Irreverent Guide to Spirituality
…for Iconoclasts, Mavericks, & Contrarians
by Doak Maddox Mansfield

In a common sense style, risque at times, Doak Mansfield speaks rugged honesty, offering up ideas about concerns that fill our lives. Purposefully embracing irreverence and the notion of relativity, this work considers the contemporary cultural predicament and examines possibilities for a thoughtful spiritual life without dogmatism, magic, denial, or delusion.

Skeptical but not sardonic, this work is unpretentious, relevant, and positive. An Irreverent Guide is not esoteric speculation, scientific abstraction, or long-distant pontification. It is authentic field notes on the life of the spirit in the lived human comedy-tragedy. Without academic or orthodox pretense, New Age sentimentality, or cynical mean-spirited slashing, and in a conversational style, the author talks and walks with the reader in a journey of analysis, considering and re-considering the givens and possibilities for a creative confidence that embraces wonderment, appreciation , and affirmation.

“Doak Mansfield’s book is a spiritual breath of fresh air. Don’t miss it!”
— Cornel West

Title: An Irreverent Guide to Spirituality
Subtitle: …for Iconoclasts, Mavericks, & Contrarians
Author: Doak Maddox Mansfield
ISBN13: 978-0-9799592-6-4
Binding: Perfect-bound trade paperback
Pages: 144
Retail price: $11.95

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