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words…on paper
by Valda E. Wells

Most of Valda Wells’s written works and correspondence has taken flight and vanished into the Internet. words…on paper contains almost all that remains. This slender volume contains poems that range from the whimsical to the metaphysical, from classical elegance to free-form musings. The final section of the book contains prose pieces that, to some extent, show the author's wide-ranging interests.

“The measure of Valda Wells is not the number of pages of her collected writings, but the people whose lives she has affected. She has been a philanthropist of the soul, a messenger of perseverance and hope in troubled times.”
— Morten Nilsen

“In this book, [Valda Wells] muses about being a writer, her loves, challenges, and the ideas important to her in sociology, psychology, politics, and theology.… There is a sample of her brooding, enigmatic fiction; her poignant correspondence to another animal lover on the subject of a pet’s departure; insightful remarks and essays on a variety of topics,including cats, the perennial treasures of her life.”
— Michael Cook

Title: words…on paper
Author: Valda E. Wells
ISBN10: 0-9774906-6-1
Binding: Perfect-bound trade paperback
Pages: 108
Retail price: $14.95

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