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by Olga Zalogina

is the third volume of poetry by Olga Zalogina and the first to be published in the United States. and , Zalogina's earlier books, were published in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Zalogina grew up in the epoch of political stagnation and emerged as a poet in the post-perestroika period. Tired of all the prevalent socio-political speculations, Zalogina went deep into her native language as a more reliable means to understand her culture and herself. Her ongoing poetic investigation is developing a personal metaphysics of time, language, and human life.

Russian writer Andrei Platonov once said: “Without me the folk is incomplete.” It is also possible to say, without hesitation, that “without poetry by Olga Zalogina, Russian literature is incomplete.”

Zalogina's first book, , distributed in the United States—without authorization or compensation to the author—by a midwestern distributor, is now in the collections of a number of major university libraries and some public libraries. The St. Petersburg edition of , which has not been widely available in the United States, can now be purchased from Counterbalance Books (quantity is limited). Please use our contact form to inquire about price and availabiliy.

Title: [To Know Silence]
Author: Olga Zalogina
ISBN: 0-9774906-1-0
Binding: Perfect-bound trade paperback
Pages: 84
Retail price: $16.95

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